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Our Commitment to raising healthy, socialized Labrador Retriever Puppies

We are committed to raising healthy Labrador Retriever Puppies, offering 3 recognized CKC breed colours: Black, Yellow, and Chocolate. Our puppies are bred for temperament, health, trainability, and companionship. Gloryland females are only bred once per year, ensuring the mother has ample time to recuperate. We don't have a lot of puppies, we don't strive to have quantity, we work towards quality. We spend our time with each litter born, handling, training and making sure we have well socialized puppies. Most puppies go home just about potty trained, making it easier for parents to adjust their new family member. 

We strive to improve the Labrador Retriever breed through health testing. Our dogs have had OFA certification, testing for EIC, HNPK, CMN, DMN. Although I do not show my self, my dogs come from long lines of Grand Champions, not only do they have standard Labrador appearance, they also exhibit outstanding behaviour. Many of our puppies have went on to achieve Service Dog Certification and Therapy dog training. 

We ask all perspective parents to come visit us to see and VERIFY what we espouse. This is for your protection when buying a puppy, you should be able to see both parents, checking for health and wellness. We understand if it is too far to travel, we also will schedule zoom calls when needed. Our property has always been open for visits, even in a quick notice. 

Here at Gloryland we also have adult dogs that have been retired, you can see for yourself that our labs live to a ripe age and continue to be our family. We do not rehome our older pets, why, because they are the ones who have laid the foundation for us. They gave us some outstanding dogs and they deserve to live out their retirement on our property. Penny is going on 14, still a pup and going strong. She was our foundation dog and made us fall in love with the Labrador Retriever breed. 

Gloryland's Penelope Kay, Black Labrador

Gloryland's Penelope Kay (13)

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